Hypnosis is a proven first-line intervention for those seeking to recover faster, avoid complications, and reduce drug dependency risk. By working with a certified medical hypnotherapist, patients can achieve significant and lasting results.

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions, including:

Pain Management

Postoperative recovery

Cancer treatment side effects

IBS and other digestive disorders

Skin conditions

Anxiety and stress relief

If you are dealing with a medical condition, talk to your doctor about whether hypnosis could help you. 

Anxiety and Stress

Hypnosis can help you stop the panic, stop anxiety, and reduce stress.  When you're in a state of anxiety or stress, your body is in "fight-or-flight" mode. This means that your heart rate and blood pressure are increased, you breathe more quickly, and your muscles are tense. All of these physical reactions can make anxiety and stress feel even worse.

Hypnosis can help you to relax your body and mind, so that you're no longer in "fight-or-flight" mode. This can help to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress, and also help you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Stop the panic by scheduling with Nancy Epstein today.

Hypnosis for Cancer Patients

Are you undergoing cancer treatment? Research shows that those who learn hypnosis can reduce side effects, manage difficult emotions, and improve outcomes.  Hypnosis can be used to control pain, nausea, and vomiting caused by cancer and cancer treatments. It can also be used to reduce anxiety and stress. Cancer patients who receive hypnosis treatment often feel more in control of their situation and have a better quality of life. If you are interested in learning hypnosis for cancer, please contact me.

Chronic Pain Hypnosis

Hypnosis for chronic pain is one of the most researched applications for hypnotherapy. If you have been struggling with chronic pain, hypnosis can help you! Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to treat chronic pain. It can help you to pay attention to pain in a new way, reduce the pain, and improve your sleep. Hypnosis reduces pain, and in some cases eliminates it completely, even when other methods have failed. 

If you are struggling with chronic pain, hypnosis can help you to reduce the pain and improve your quality of life. Schedule your consultation with me today to learn more about how hypnosis can help you manage your chronic pain.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Several years ago medical journals revealed that gut-directed hypnotherapy has profound results for those with IBS, and related disorders.  A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that 83% of participants who received hypnotherapy reported improvement in their symptoms, compared to just 37% in the control group.

If you suffer from IBS or a related disorder, hypnosis may be able to help you find relief. Gut-directed hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for IBS and other gastrointestinal disorders. Stop your misery, and embarrassment, and start living life again. Reach out and schedule your first consultation with Nancy Epstein.

Autoimmune Disorders

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to help treat autoimmune disorders. By working with a qualified hypnotherapist, you can learn how to use your mind to help your body heal. Auto-immune diseases are caused by the body attacking itself. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including stress, anxiety, and trauma. Hypnosis can help to break the cycle of self-destruction and allow the body to heal itself.

If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder, hypnosis can help you find relief. By working with a qualified hypnotherapist, you can learn how to use your mind to help your body heal. If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder, don't suffer any longer. Hypnosis can help you find relief and it all begins by scheduling your first consult.

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